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MasterSil 410 One Part Silicone MasterSil 410

Non-sag acetoxy type silicone. Provides protection against vibration and shock. Superb weatherability. Elongation 600%. Serviceable from -75°F to 400°F.

MasterSil 415 One Part Silicone Elastomer MasterSil 415

Optically clear, room temperature curing, no mix acetoxy type system. Good bond strength and outstanding elasticity. Serviceable from -185°F to 400°F.

MasterSil 702 One Part Silicone MasterSil 702

Non-corrosive, high performance elastomeric adhesive/sealant. Heat resistant up to 450°F. Superior physical strength properties. Electrically insulative.

MasterSil 705 One Component Silicone MasterSil 705

Translucent flowable paste for bonding, sealing, coating, formed-in-place gaskets. Cures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. Serviceable from -75°F to 400°F. Available in tubes, cartridges.

MasterSil 705C One Part Silicone MasterSil 705C

Single component, electrically conductive, non-corrosive silicone compound. Carbon filled. Tack free time 3-7 minutes at ambient temperatures. Paste viscosity. Serviceable up to 400°F.

MastersSil 705S One Component Silicone MasterSil 705S

Silver filled, one-part, no-mix, non-corrosive silicone system. Shore A hardness 70. Cures at room temperatures when exposed to atmospheric moisture. Extremely low volume resistivity. Most effective when applied in thin sections.

MasterSil 705TC One Part Silicone MasterSil 705TC

Thermally conductive and electrically isolating. Easy to use silicone for high performance bonding, sealing and coating. Non-corrosive and room temperature curable. Ideally suited for applications requiring flexibility and high temperature resistance.

MasterSil 707FR One Part Silicone System MasterSil 707FR-NV

One component non-corrosive paste produces fast cures at room temperature. Passes UL 94V-1 and 94V-0 testing for flame retardancy. Outstanding adhesion to metals, ceramics, glass and many plastics. Exceptionally soft.

MasterSil 708FR One Part Silicone System MasterSil 708FR

Flowable, no mix, one component RTV silicone compound. Shore A Hardness 30-40. Fast setting at room temperature. Meets requirements of UL 94V-1 and 94V-0 for flame retardancy. Elongation of 200-300%. Gray color.

MasterSil 709 One Part Silicone MasterSil 709

One component, fast curing, moderate viscosity silicone elastomer compound for bonding, sealing, coating and formed in place gaskets. Non-corrosive and flowable. Bonds well to a variety of surfaces and substrates. Servicable from -75°F to +400°F. Meets MIL-A-46146 Type 2.