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X21Med One Component Elastomeric System X21Med

Specially formulated one component system for bonding and priming polyolefinic surfaces. Can be used as a primer to promote adhesion of polyolefinic substrates to other surfaces such as metals, ceramics. Viscosit <250 cps. Room temperature curing. Serviceable from -60°F to +200°F. Passes ISO 10993-5 for medical devices.

X5G One Part Elastomeric System X5G

One component graphite filled electrically conductive elastomeric adhesive, sealant. Paste-like consistency. Volume resistivity 5-10 ohm-cm. Cost effective solution for EMI/RFI shielding and static dissipation. Fast curing. Resists vibration and shock. Serviceable from -80°F to +250°F.

X-5N One Part Elastomeric Compound X5N

Easy to use, nickel filled elastomeric adhesive. No mix system. Good electrical conductivity. Used for shielding. Room or elevated temperature curing. Withstands thermal cycling. Serviceable from -80°F to +250°F.

X5SC One Part Elastomeric System X5SC

Single component silver filled elastomeric adhesive, coating. Excellent electrical conductivity. Highly effective for shielding. Cures at room or elevated temperatures. Paste viscosity. Superior thermal conductivity. Performs well when subjected to thermal cycling, vibration. Serviceable from -80°F to +250°F.

X5TC One Part Elastomeric System X5TC

One part, thermally conductive adhesive offers convenient handling and application. Material is very thick but simultaneously very flowable. Relatively fast curing. Excellent electrical insulator. Good peel and shear strength properties. Well suited for bonding dissimilar substrates. Serviceable from -80°F to +250°F.