Epoxy Systems for the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

The storing and transporting of liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquefied propane is often quite challenging because of the harsh environmental and temperature conditions. Epoxies are often used in sealing and encapsulation applications involving storage tanks, containers and vessels. For example, because of the pressure changes of the natural gas or propane from its natural state to a liquid, the epoxy must be able to withstand cryogenic temperatures and cryogenic shocks. Master Bond features many systems that offer outstanding cryogenic serviceability, and in selected cases when needed, optical clarity, chemical resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties.


In particular, Master Bond EP29LPSP has a long history of withstanding the most challenging applications. Recently, it was successfully applied in the field for use on an LNG tanker. The area of containment was exceptionally large and the epoxy was applied in relatively thick sections. In fact, it performed so well that it was reordered several times. From cryogenic vaporizers to heat exchange equipment, Master Bond’s products deliver high performance properties to meet the needs of cryogenic applications in the LNG industry.


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