Two Component, Medium Viscosity Heat Curing Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resin System Optimized For High Performance Electrical And Electronic Applications In Outdoor/ Indoor Environments With Outstanding Arc, Corona and Tracking Resistance

Master Bond Polymer System EP112M is a solventless, medium viscosity two component cycloaliphatic epoxy resin system which is specifically designed for high performance outdoor and indoor electrical/electronic/ structural applications featuring outstanding arc, corona and tracking resistance. The two components are combined in a convenient noncritical mix ratio (100/80 by wt) to a medium viscosity, 100% reactive liquid with a long working (pot) life at ambient temperatures which however cures readily at elevated temperatures to a tough strong solid with superior physical strength properties and outstanding electrical insulation characteristics. Additional desirable performance qualities are high thermal and dimensional stability, very good thermal shock and vibration resistance and excellent adhesion to metals and a variety of other substrates including glass fibers, ceramics and many plastics. The uniquely formulated chemical composition of the Master Bond Polymer System EP112M assures remarkably high and durable outdoor electrical insulation properties such as tracking resistance, erosion resistance and weather resistance as well as exceptional adhesion to reinforcing fibers for epoxy composites over a wide temperature range.

Master Bond Polymer System EP112M is widely employed for potting, casting and encapsulation applications, impregnations and the production of glass and/or other reinforcing fibers in epoxy structures such as pipe, tanks, electrical insulation tubing etc. Because of the superior retention of its outdoor electrical insulation characteristics, formulations based on Master Bond Polymer System EP112M are successfully employed in electrical insulation applications including outdoor post and suspension insulators; outdoor high and low voltage transformer bushings; outdoor switchgear components-resistor housings; interruptor tubes and outdoor instrument transformers. Master Bond Polymer System EP112M is filled with a specially formulated blend of ceramic powders which serve to optimize the system's arc, corona and tracking resistance.