Two Component, Epoxy with Extra Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient and Unmatched Dimensional Stability For High Performance Bonding, Sealing, Coating and Casting

Master Bond Polymer System EP30LTE-4 is a recently developed thermal shock resistant epoxy resin system with uniquely low thermal expansion properties and unmatched dimensional stability for high performance bonding, sealing and casting. This new two component epoxy resin compound which cures readily at ambient or more quickly at elevated temperatures, represents the long desired technical breakthrough of a significant reduction in the high thermal expansion coefficients characteristic of epoxies and all other organic polymers while retaining their advantageous properties and ease of processability. Master Bond EP30LTE-4 is formulated with a unique blend of polymeric and inorganic materials so as to obtain thermal expansion coefficients as low as 12x10-6 in/in/°C as well as unmatched dimensional stability. This makes possible new standards of performance for bonding, sealing and casting applications in the electronic, electrical, aerospace and construction fields wherever repeated rapid temperature changes are encountered and/or highest dimensional stability properties are required. Shrinkage upon cure is truly exceptionally low—less than 0.0002 in/in.

The Master Bond EP30LTE-4 Polymer System cures to a high strength solid which features unexcelled resistance to thermal cycling over the temperature range of -360°F to +250°F and more. It is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents. The cured material is an excellent electrical insulator and has superior chemical resistance to many chemicals including water, fuels and many organic solvents as well as diverse acids, bases and salts. It produces high strength durable bonds to many similar and dissimilar materials including metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubbers and most plastics. Master Bond Polymer System EP30LTE-4 is setting new quality and performance specifications in the electronic, electrical, computer, construction, metalworking, optical, automotive, aerospace and chemical industries.