One Component Abrasion, Thermal Shock and Heat Resistant Thermally Conductive Epoxy for Electrical Potting Encapsulation and Bonding

Master Bond Polymer System EP3ANHT is a new superior and cost effective epoxy resin system for electrical potting, encapsulation and bonding which combines high physical strength properties, remarkable abrasion, thermal shock and heat resistance, thermal conductivity, inertness to water and chemicals with good electrical insulation characteristics. It has a service temperature range from - 60°F up to 400°F. Adhesion to both metallic and nonmetallic substrates is excellent. Master Bond Polymer System EP3ANHT offers the application convenience of a one component epoxy system which does not require any mixing before use plus flexible cure schedules so as to best meet specific application requirements. It is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents.

Master Bond Polymer System EP3ANHT is supplied in the form of a honey-like grey liquid having a minimum storage stability of more that 6 months when stored at temperatures of around 70-80°F. Refrigeration greatly extends the storage stability of this epoxy resin system. Gel time and cure schedules depend on temperature. The gel time at 150°C is in the order of 90-100 seconds. The recommended cure time at 150°C is in the order of 10-15 minutes and at 125°C in the order of 20-25 minutes.