Two component urethane modified epoxy gel-like system

Key Features

  • Cures to a low Shore A hardness
  • Convenient handling
  • Room temperature curing
  • Relatively easy to remove

Product Description

Master Bond Super Gel 9 is a two component, urethane modified epoxy system that cures readily at room temperature to form a soft, resilient, gel-like system with good dimensional stability. Its hardness is exceptionally low, about 5-10 Shore A. One can accomplish retrievability with a sharp knife or razor blade and Super Gel 9 will not shatter. It has a very convenient two to one mix ratio by weight or volume, along with an extremely low viscosity and exotherm enabling it to be cast in larger sections up to 2-3 inches thick. Super Gel 9 is amber and optically clear. The combination of its easy handling and cured properties enables this versatile system to be used in a variety of applications, especially the encapsulation of sensitive electronic parts and sealing delicate optical components. It can also be used in acoustical applications where dampening properties may be desirable. This exceptional softness allows it to be easily repairable and confers it with unsurpassed thermal cycling and mechanical shock resistance.

Super Gel 9 bonds well to an array of substrates, such as metals, glass, ceramics and many rubbers and plastics. It has a remarkably long working life of 7-9 hours depending on the mass that is mixed (the smaller the mass, the longer the working life). It has good resistance to water and oils. The service temperature range is -100°F to +200°F. The color of both Parts A and B are clear. This multi-functional system is widely used in the aerospace, electronic, optical, electro-optical and other specialty industries where this unique blend of properties is needed.

Product Advantages

  • Easy handling; two to one mix ratio by weight or volume; low viscosity
  • Very low exotherm; remarkably long working life
  • Exceptionally soft and resilient
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Easily repairable; widely used for retrieving components
  • Often used in conjunction with sensitive electronic and optical components

Industrial Certifications

Meets EU Directive 2015/863



Double Barrel Cartridge

Gun Applicator



Super Gel 9 is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

Visual Media

Master Bond's Outstanding Epoxy Gel Compound Super Gel 9

Master Bond's latest epoxy innovation, Super Gel 9, is a urethane modified epoxy gel featuring outstanding, unique properties. It is often used as a sealant and encapsulant for very challenging applications. Watch our video now to learn more.

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