Master Bond's latest epoxy innovation, Super Gel 9, is a urethane modified epoxy gel featuring outstanding, unique properties. It is often used as a sealant and encapsulant for very challenging applications. Watch our video now to learn more.



Video Transcript

Have you ever wondered how Master Bond comes up with a new adhesive formulation? Well in one instance a customer was already using a silicone for a specific acoustical application. However, it didn't deliver the dimensional stability that they needed. So the experts at Master Bond formulated Super Gel 9.

What is Super Gel 9? It's a urethane epoxy gel with a unique blend of properties like unmatched softness and resilience (5-10 Shore A hardness). This enables:

  • Easy removability of sensitive electronic components
  • No shattering when cut with a knife
  • Unsurpassed thermal cycling
  • Thermal and mechanical shock resistance

This low stress system also features:

  • Low viscosity (Part A 7,000 - 12,000 cps and Part B 75-150 cps)
  • Ability to be cast in large cross sections
  • Remarkable long working life of 7-9 hours
  • Superior optical clarity

Super Gel 9 is REACH compliant, RoHS compliant and does not contain SAVCs. If you need an incredibly soft adhesive system for potting and sealing applications contact us.