Two Component, Heat Resistant Epoxy Adhesive for High Performance General Purpose Bonding, Outstanding High Thermal Conductivity, Excellent Dimensional Stability Up to 250°F Service Featuring Both High Shear and High Peel Strength

Master Bond Polymer Adhesive System Supreme 11AN is a two component thermally conductive heat resistant epoxy adhesive with a one-to-one mix ratio, by weight or volume. It readily develops a high bond strength of 1580 psi at room temperature. Master Bond Polymer Adhesive Supreme 11AN can be applied without sagging or dripping even on vertical surfaces. It produces durable high strength and tough bonds which are remarkably resistant to thermal cycling and chemicals including water, oil and most organic solvents, over the exceptionally wide temperature range of -100°F up to 250°F. Adhesion to metals, glass, ceramic, wood, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics is excellent. The hardened adhesive exhibits exceptionally high thermal conductivity and is a superior electrical insulator. The thermal expansion coefficient is remarkably low. The color of the mixed compound is light gray. Master Bond Supreme 11AN adhesive is widely used in the electronic, electrical computer, metalworking, appliance, automotive and chemical industries due to its unique combination of high peel and high shear strength. A lower viscosity version with the same thermal conductivity called Supreme 11ANLV is also available.