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From motorcycles to automobiles to marine engines to power generators to lawn mowers Master Bond epoxy potting/impregnation resins protect ignition coils for reliable/dependable long term performance. Our solventless, high dielectric, low viscosity one and two component systems completely penetrate coil windings and assure insulation even upon exposure to high voltage conditions. Formulations are engineered to resist humidity, wear, vibration, impact and chemicals such as gasoline, oils, brake fluids. Void free castings will not degrade, crack even under severe thermal cycling.

Potting and impregnation compounds for ignition coils

New Master Bond product developments have addressed evolving coil ignition designs to help manufacturers meet safety concerns, lower fuel consumption, reduce emissions, restrict space and high voltage ignition requirements. Environmentally friendly compositions now feature improved flexural/tensile strength, increased heat deflection temperatures, enhanced corrosion protection, shorter cycle times for large scale production operations. Low exotherm, long pot life two component systems containing special fillers, modifiers, pigments can be automatically dispensed through meter mix equipment and cured at low temperatures while preventing any air bubble formation, pin holes, imperfections, cavities. Specifying a material with the proper balance of properties including viscosity, hardness is essential to boosting yields and decreasing unit costs.