Our LED curing adhesive cures tack free and is ideal for potting and encapsulation. Watch it cure under an LED lamp in this demonstration.



Video Transcript

Thank you for joining us. Today we are going to demonstrate how safe, easy and quick it is to cure our LED curing adhesives. These single component adhesives are fast curing and can cure under a visible wavelength of 405 nanometers.

Here we have a syringe filled with Master Bond LED 401, an LED lamp, and a glass substrate. Using the syringe, I will apply the adhesive to the glass surface. The formulation is available in optically clear or opaque white. Today we are using the white grade. I will expose it to an LED light source to show you that it cures in about 30 seconds.

These high bond strength compounds improve worker safety, require no mixing, and are environmentally friendly. Ideal for bonding thermally sensitive parts, the adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates is outstanding. Additional features include high optical clarity and they are solvent free.

There are many other advantages of light curing adhesives:

  • They don’t need expensive UV lighting equipment
  • They eliminate the potential safety hazard from the factory floor, since UV lights can cause eye injuries and skin burns
  • And they lower processing costs.

Here’s the cured material. You can see it cures completely tack-free. It can also cure in sections up to one eighth of an inch thick making ideal for potting and encapsulation. Thanks for watching. Please contact our technical advisors for more information.