Forty years since our founding, we decided to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce how Master Bond got its start. Join Dr. B as we learn about the first orders and products that helped us grow into a leading high tech adhesives manufacturer.




Video Transcript

The founding fathers of the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Just 200 years later, Master Bond’s founding father, Dr. Brenner, inaugurated Master Bond. A distinguished chemical engineer, Dr. Brenner seized on the demand of high tech industries that were looking for a better alternative to mechanical fasteners. At that time, a company in upstate New York had contacted Dr. Brenner for a low viscosity epoxy. Soon thereafter, EP21 was introduced. Priding ourselves on being a customer driven product development company, the EP21 series now consists of over 100 formulations with key properties ranging from high temperature resistance, to high and low viscosities, to low outgassing, flame retardancy, USP Class VI approved and more!

Started from humble beginnings, our high tech company grew by word of mouth and repeated business. In fact, that same business that gave us our first order in upstate New York, recently contacted us for an application. So please join us in celebrating 40 years in business, and contact us with your application today!