Master Bond is keeping its 40th anniversary party going. In this video, we find out how Master Bond expanded over the years to produce new product lines and formulations that serve a variety of industries across the world.




Video Transcript

Hi guys! Max here. I’d like to continue the story of how Master Bond became the adhesive manufacture we all rely on today.

As the years passed, Master Bond’s headquarters moved from its humble basement beginnings to an office right near some train tracks. (Sound of train rushing by tooting its horn) Day after day of listening to freight trains got Dr. Brenner thinking that we could really use some tougher epoxies that can withstand the vibration and shock found in the outside world…and voila! The Supreme series of epoxies were born.

As technology advanced and new materials were being used by design engineers, it was necessary to be proactive and formulate new adhesive technology as well. Master Bond’s product line also expanded to include one part epoxies for easier application and no mixing required, and then silicones for increased flexibility and toughness, with the MasterSil series. Today, we have UV and LED curing adhesives, and are constantly developing innovative formulations. These adhesives are now sold globally, across all industries. (

We’ve come a long way from those train tracks, but we promise to keep chugging along to bring you the adhesives, sealants and coatings you need for your applications. Contact us today!