Learn the important role that viscosity plays in a variety of applications. This informative video demonstrates the benefits of a low viscosity formulation for filling tight crevices as well as a when a non-drip system is useful. It also explains how viscosities can be adjusted to meet exact specifications for your application.




Video Transcript

Why does epoxy viscosity matter? Let's suppose your application involves an electronic device where the PCB is to be potted within a shell. The epoxy would have to get into tight spaces and crevices. So an extremely runny and liquidy material would be necessary. Or maybe you have an optical fiber application where you have to insert the fiber into a ferrel. Then the material would need to fill around it. In this case, you would also want excellent light transmission properties and a low refractive index. For both these examples, a low viscosity epoxy is the system of choice.

Master Bond EP30LV-1 would be effective to fill the tight spaces and is easily dispensed with a syringe. It is an ultra low viscosity, two component epoxy system for high performance bonding, coating, sealing, potting and encapsulation. It has outstanding physical strength, superior electrical insulation and very good optical clarity.

What if your application was bonding a vertical configuration with two flat surfaces? Then, you would want a non drip epoxy, a material with high viscosity. For this purpose, Master Bond developed Supreme 10HT-ND3. This structural adhesive has a unique blend of performance properties featuring a non-drip application and gap filling capabilities. Even when you add heat to cure, this one part epoxy is not going to flow at all.

Typically we can adjust viscosities to best meet specific requirements. They can range from as low as 200 to in excess of 1.5 million cps. Our specialty is varying formulations to accommodate the exact performance properties you need. So when you need to figure out the right viscosity for your application, our technical advisors are here to help. Please give us a call today.