In this demonstration, Master Bond EP65HT-1 epoxy is used to show how a fast curing compound can set up quickly at room temperature. This two part system is commonly utilized for advanced engineering applications. It is a sure winner to speed up your assembly operations.



Video Transcript

Thanks for joining us today. In this demonstration we’d like to show you how a fast curing epoxy can set up so quickly at room temperature. These epoxies are designed to increase productivity, save energy and speed up your assembly operations. A dispensing gun with a pre-measured weight ratio of ten to one will automatically mix Part A and Part B of this two component system.

To maximize bond strength, we have roughened and cleaned two pieces of aluminum. We’ll apply the epoxy to a piece of the treated aluminum. This product features a glass transition temperature over 125ºC, a high tensile shear strength (tensile shear strength >2500 psi), excellent chemical resistance and is NASA low outgassing approved.

And there you see how fast this sets up. Thanks for watching and please contact a technical advisor for more information on EP65HT-1 and other fast curing adhesives.