Learn how to properly store, assemble and test premixed and frozen syringes for application in this video. Many Master Bond epoxies and silicones are available for packaging in premixed and frozen syringes for added convenience and ease of use.

Follow the steps in this video to ensure proper use and application.

For more detailed instructions on the assembly process for the EFD syringe please refer to this video.


Video Transcript

Master Bond two component systems can be packaged in premixed and frozen syringes of the following sizes: 3, 10, 30 and 55 cc. You can request to package any quantity of material ranging from 1 cc to 55 cc in these EFD syringes. Premixed and frozen syringes come packaged with dry ice. Upon receiving the shipment you should put all syringes in the freezer at -40°C, -40°F immediately after unpacking. Test one syringe to find the optimal thaw time for your material based on your application requirements. There are multiple factors to take into consideration when approximating thaw time such as the environment including the temperature at your production facility, the viscosity requirement for your application and the amount of material being used since larger quantities take longer to thaw. For this demonstration we used 3cc’s of EP62-1LPSP. Remove the syringe from the freezer and assemble the syringe for use. About one minute after assembly of the syringe try to dispense the material. If it is still frozen, wait another minute and try dispensing again. Repeat this process until your material has reached optimal flowability for your application and make sure to note the proper thaw time. Always remember to discard any remaining material once it has been removed from the freezer.