Watch this video to learn about dual curing adhesives that use both UV light, as well as heat for curing.

These adhesives are ideal for use where complete UV curing is either too difficult or impossible to achieve, such as applications with complex geometries and concealed, “shadowed out” areas.

Video Transcript

Dual curing compounds offer an initial cure using UV light along with a secondary heat curing mechanism for concealed, or “shadowed out” areas. These systems are ideal for assemblies where complete UV curing is too difficult or impossible to achieve, such as those applications with complex geometries. The UV cure reduces fixturing time while heat ensures a complete cure throughout the bond line, especially for areas not accessible to UV light. The UV cured sections cure in just a few seconds when exposed to a UV light source, while the heat cures are typically initiated at temperatures as low as 80°C (176°F) and cure in about 20 to 30 minutes. Dual curing compounds open new opportunities for thermally sensitive substrates while offering easy dispensing and incredibly fast cures. They are available in a range of viscosities and form high strength bonds to glass, metals, ceramics, and many plastics. These robust properties make them ideal for applications including but not limited to electronic assemblies and 3D printing. To learn more about our line of Dual Cure compounds, visit us at today.