Learn the benefits that Super Gel 9AO has to offer, including thermal conductivity and dimensional stability as design engineers, John and Ted, work to develop their electronic component. With the help of a Master Bond representative, they discover that Super Gel 9AO’s softness and retrievability is exactly what they need.



Video Transcript

Hey Ted. Can you come in here for a minute?

How’s it going John?

What are we going to do about the component we’ve been working on? It needs to be encapsulated by at least one to two inches and then retrieved later. That means that it has to have good flow properties and it can’t be too hard.

John, I already suggested using a silicone. It gives us the flexibility that we require and many of them are thermally conductive and electrically insulative.

Yeah, but a silicone won’t provide the dimensional stability we need. Where are we going to find a potting compound that can do all of this?

Enter Sandy, a Master Bond Technical Representative.

Did somebody say “potting compound”?


Sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear your problem. My name is Sandy and I work for Master Bond. I think we have just the thing for your application. It’s a urethane modified epoxy gel-like system called SuperGel 9AO. It has all the requirements you were discussing, like exceptional softness of 20 to 30 Shore A and it still has solid dimensional stability. Your component can be easily retrieved with a sharp knife or razor, without the system shattering.

This sounds perfect! Is it easy to use?

Oh yes. It has a two to one mix ratio by weight or volume along with a working life of seven to nine hours. Application couldn’t be easier! It is available in cans and syringes.

I think this is just what we’ve been looking for! Thank you so much Sandy!