Master Bond's one and two component epoxy systems feature outstanding physical strength properties for industrial applications. These compounds offer excellent flexural, tensile, shear, peel and compressive strength.




Video Transcript

Master Bond epoxies feature outstanding physical strength properties for high performance bonding, sealing, coating, potting and encapsulation. There are 5 key strength properties included in our epoxies: compressive, flexural, tensile, shear, peel.

Compressive strength measures how strong an adhesive is when forces are pushing in. An application for when high compressive strength would be very important is downhole drilling. Master Bond Supreme 45HTQ, a two part quartz filled epoxy system has extraordinary compressive strength.

Flexural strength measures how much an adhesive can bend without actually cracking. Surviving deformation underload comes in handy for industrial applications. One component Supreme 10HT is a no mix system that features a flexural strength greater than 9,700 psi.

Tensile strength is the stress a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled. Upon cure, EP15 has a tensile strength well in excess of 12,000 psi and is widely used in the OEM industry. It is also used to determine adhesion or cohesion strength of flame sprayed coatings according to ASTM C633 specifications.

Shear strength measures how well the adhesive can withstand the force that produces a sliding failure on a material along a plane that is parallel to the direction of the force. High shear strength epoxies are suitable for structural bonding in aerospace applications. Two component Master Bond EP31 has shear strengths over 4,600 psi and cures at room temperature.

Peel strength measures the ability to withstand pulling apart two substrates. Our epoxy systems are designed to exhibit high peel strength when adhering similar and dissimilar substrates. EP21TDCHT features a peel strength of 30 pli. It is often used in the manufacture of heavy equipment and a wide variety of durable goods.

Our top performing systems are truly remarkable and have been used in critical applications. Formulations are designed to maintain their strength even upon exposure to high and low temperatures, thermal cycling and corrosive environments. So if you're looking for an incredibly high strength adhesive, our technical experts will help you find the one best suited for your application.