Master Bond’s cross country road trip to solve adhesive challenges across the country continues, bringing us to a manufacturer that offers products for several industries. Sandy, a Master Bond technical representative, expounds about the widespread benefits of LED curable adhesives and uses her expertise to recommend products that meets their requirements. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!



Video Transcript

Hi there! I’m Sandy, a Master Bond technical representative. I am just on my way to visit A to Z Manufacturing Company. They are having issues with their current UV adhesive for their optical, medical and electronic applications. I think Master Bond has just the thing to meet their requirements—our LED family of products. Let’s go!

Looking around the optical division, I can tell that LED401 would be perfect for the company’s camera lens bonding application. The adhesive is optically clear and has excellent light transmission properties. It cures completely tack free upon exposure to LED light at a wavelength of 405 nanometers. This breakthrough LED curing method is ideal for bonding thermally sensitive parts and improves user safety.

For their medical applications, LED403Med is the ideal choice. It is USP Class VI certified and meets ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity requirements. This solvent-free adhesive resists a variety of sterilization methods, including gamma radiation, EtO and chemical sterilants.

A to Z’s electronic division needs to encapsulate some delicate components and LED401LV might be just the solution they’re looking for. This one part formulation features a low viscosity with superior flow properties and can be cured in sections up to 1/8 of an inch.

It’s clear to see the Master Bond’s LED curing adhesive family can be used in a variety of industries. Find out how these products can improve your manufacturing process.