Need to meet the demands of a fast paced production assembly? See why this design engineer decided to go with Master Bond Supreme 3HT-80, a one component system that cures at low temperatures, features high bond strength, and is chemically resistant.



Video Transcript

Louise, a design engineer, was looking for a low temperature curing epoxy adhesive that could cure quickly in 30 minutes or less. Her application involved the bonding of heat sensitive plastic substrates. She was looking for a one component solvent free system that required no mixing and an unlimited working life at room temperature. Another requirement was the need to meet a fast paced production assembly.

Louise called Master Bond's technical experts to further discuss what polymer was best suited for her application. Our advisors recommended Supreme3HT-80 based on a few additional requirements for the application. She needed a high strength epoxy adhesive that was resistant to impact, vibration, stress fatigue cracking and thermal cycling. The hardened material had to be an excellent electrical insulator and the adhesive had to be chemically resistant.

Although Louise is currently working in the electronics industry, Supreme3HT-80 is also well suited for applications in aerospace, electrical, appliance and optical or anywhere where heat sensitive substrates limit permissible temperatures for curing adhesives.

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