Master Bond Polymer System Supreme 10HTFL features a unique blend of physical properties including outstanding peel strength, very high shear strength and a wide service temperature range of 4K to +350°F making it suitable for cryogenic applications.



Video Transcript

Bob, a Master Bond customer, was using a two part epoxy for bonding dissimilar substrates with different rates of expansion and contraction. He needed to speed up production and was looking for ways to simplify his operations. He also needed a compound that was easy to apply and had a long working life. We recommended Supreme 10HTFL. This one part, no mix, fast curing epoxy met his company’s processing requirements.

Bob was using Product 2X, a two component rigid system that was difficult to handle and had a lot of waste. It also caused his product to crack on exposure to mechanical vibration and thermal cycling. Our epoxy is flexible, with a high temperature resistance, and was able to survive exposure to repeated thermal cycling, vibration and shock. It is also serviceable at cryogenic temperatures, has a consistent viscosity and outstanding peel and shear strength.

Thanks to its unique balance of thermal and mechanical properties, Supreme 10HTFL can be used as both an adhesive and a sealant. Bob is very pleased with Supreme 10HTFL and how it has improved productivity and lowered costs. Contact Master Bond to see what we can do for your application.