Master Bond Supreme 10HTS is a user friendly, one component, silver conductive epoxy system featuring a remarkable array of properties along with exceptionally simple processing. It is formulated to withstand rigorous thermal cycling as well as thermal and mechanical shocks. It fully meets NASA low outgassing specifications.



Video Transcript

An engineer approached the technical specialists at Master Bond with an project that involved an electrical connection between a surface mount component and a printed wiring board.

The application would potentially be exposed to high temperature. Easy dispensing was desired due to the complexity of the assembly.

The technical team at Master Bond recommended Supreme 10HTS for multiple reasons. It is a one part system so there is no mixing. Packaging for this product is advantageous as it is easily dispensed with a syringe. As a silver filled epoxy it is ideal for conducting electricity and it's also a reliable thermal conductor. Serviceability from 4K to +400°F tackles the high/low temperature property requirement.

Other performance properties are the NASA low outgassing certification and a long working life at ambient temperatures. Supreme 10HTS cures rapidly with the addition of heat. This toughened system is also good for thermal cycling.

Master Bond Supreme 10HTS is well suited for the most challenging applications in aerospace, electronic, electro-optic, specialty OEM as well as many other types of high tech industries. For more information please contact our technical our advisors.