Premier die attach epoxy EP3HTSDA-2 features a very impressive thermal conductivity of 40-45 BTU•in/(ft²•hr•°F), substantially higher than other silver conductive epoxies. This video demonstrates how Master Bond EP3HTSDA-2 is dispensed and applied to a defined area without any tailing. Click play to watch what happens next!


Video Transcript

EP3HTSDA-2 is a premier die attach epoxy. Why? This one part, thermally stable, electrically conductive epoxy is well suited for automatic dispensing equipment since a precise amount can be applied to a defined area without flowing. It requires no mixing and dispenses smoothly and easily, without any tailing. After a die is attached to the lead frame, this epoxy can be quickly cured at elevated temperature. Post cure, it features outstanding die shear strength, superior dimensional stability and resists thermal cycling and shock. It passes NASA low outgassing specifications. Oh, and did we mention that it also has a high thermal conductivity? EP3HTSDA-2 is not premixed and frozen and has an unlimited working life at room temperature. For storage, simple refrigeration is fine. For more information, contact us to discuss your application.