Master Bond MasterSil 170 Gel is a two component gel system with a low mixed viscosity of 1,000 cps. It is ideal for use in potting and encapsulation applications where sensitive components are present. This video demonstration shows the softness and pliability of the resilient gel system and how delicate components can be easily retrieved after cure.

Video Transcript

Master Bond MasterSil 170 Gel is a two component addition cured silicone gel system. This low viscosity silicone is ideal for potting and encapsulation with a convenient one to one mix ratio. MasterSil 170 Gel cures to a super soft, yet resilient material. Its hardness is best measured by the penetration test method which yields a value of 65mm for this compound. Upon curing, this system features an excellent dielectric constant and dielectric strength along with superb optical clarity (on screen: show values for dielectric constant/strength and refractive index). It also withstands severe thermal cycling and shock without cracking or exerting stress to the components or substrates. MasterSil 170 Gel offers the ability to easily retrieve costly components in potting applications. This can be achieved by using a sharp tool to penetrate the material. For more information or to discuss your application contact us today.