Master Bond UV22DC80-1 is a one part nanosilica filled system for bonding, sealing and coating applications in the aerospace, optical and electronic industries. This video demonstrates the epoxy based system’s unique dual curing mechanism of both UV light and heat, allowing it to cure in shadowed out areas. This low viscosity epoxy passes NASA low outgassing testing and features exceptional optical clarity.




Video Transcript

Master Bond UV22DC80-1 is a dual cure, nanosilica filled epoxy based system that cures readily upon exposure to UV light and heat. This system passes ASTM E595 testing for NASA low outgassing. It is widely used in high tech applications particularly in aerospace, optical and electronics, among others.

Using a syringe applicator, UV22DC80-1 can easily be applied in a thin layer to coat a glass substrate. It cures in seconds under UV light and exhibits superior optical clarity.

This unique one component formulation also offers a secondary heat curing option for shadowed out areas or when bonding substrates that do not allow the transmission of UV light. While an industrial assembly application may have more intricate components, here, we see the adhesive joining aluminum and glass pieces. First, the UV portion of the cure fixtures these parts, then exposure to heat at 80°C completes the cure. Low temperature thermal cures permit bonding of heat sensitive substrates.

This dimensionally stable abrasion resistant system bonds well to a wide variety of surfaces and delivers high strength properties. It is serviceable over the wide temperature range of -60°F to +350°F.

To learn more about ecologically friendly UV22DC80-1 and how it can be used in your application give us a call.