Master Bond Polymer System EP29LPSP is a two component, high performance, modified low temperature heat cured epoxy system specially formulated for cryogenic applications. EP29LPSP is serviceable at temperatures as low as 4K as an adhesive, sealant and protective coating, but more importantly, it is able to withstand cryogenic shocks (i.e. room temperature down to liquid helium temperatures in a 5-10 minute time period).



Video Transcript

One of our customers had a need for an optically clear adhesive that could form a strong structural bond. To make their application process easier, they required a compound with a long working life. They happened to be in the aerospace industry where a NASA low outgassing approved system was needed. The technical experts at Master Bond recommended EP29LPSP, a two part, low exotherm epoxy with a long pot life. This low viscosity epoxy system is specially formulated for cryogenic applications where it can be used as an adhesive, sealant or potting compound. Additionally this product can withstand cryogenic shocks and is optically clear.

EP29LPSP is a modified heat cured system which bonds well to many different substrate including metals, glass, ceramics, composites and plastics. It has superior electrical insulation properties, a good chemical resistance profile and is ROHS compliant.

The aerospace company was very pleased with all the performance properties this system offered. Thanks for joining us. For more information please contact a technical advisor.