Engineers requiring an adhesive for extreme environments, that can resist prolonged, high and low temperatures, should know about Master Bond Supreme 45HTQ. This system also withstands rigorous thermal cycling and resists abrasion. Watch this video to learn more and how it may be suitable for your application.



Video Transcript

Engineers are often looking for adhesive compounds that can resist high and low temperatures. The need to withstand ever increasing extreme environments led to the development of Master Bond Supreme 45HTQ. This system is ideal for high performance bonding, sealing, and casting. It is a toughened two component, quartz filled compound that is suitable for applications where long term exposure to temperatures ranging from a low of -60°F up to 450°F is required. Even at elevated temperatures this polymer system has outstanding chemical resistance to petrochemicals, acids, bases and solvents making it ideal for use in downhole drilling, oil processing and other petrochemical applications.

Additional notable properties include its excellent abrasion resistance, stellar electrical insulation, the ability to withstand rigorous thermal cycling, and dimensional stability. It also has a very long pot life at room temperature and is easy to apply.

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