Master Bond Application Highlight

The Application

A customer is working on a device that needs to be used in a high vacuum environment. It will also be subjected to severe thermal cycling. The product requires a structural epoxy that features high shear and peel strengths.

Finding the Answers

  • What are the substrates being used and how are they arranged?
  • What are the operating temperatures and conditions?
  • Can heat be added to cure at about 250°F (125°C)?
  • Would the product need to be electrically conductive or electrically insulating?
  • Would the product need to be thermally conductive for heat dissipation or heat transfer?

The Solution

We recommend the Supreme 10HT line of products

Making certain assumptions about the answers to the above questions, we can recommend the Supreme 10HT line of products. Supreme 10HT is an easy to use, one part heat curing system with fast elevated temperature cures. It provides an unlimited working life at room temperature which increases its appeal from a processing standpoint. The product meets NASA (ASTM E-595) standards for low outgassing and offers high peel as well as shear strengths, along with a wide serviceable temperature range.

Based on the geometry or the set-up, Supreme 10HTND-3 or Supreme 10HTCL may be options to consider. Supreme 10HTND-3 is a thoroughly non-drip formulation, which makes it ideal for use on vertical surfaces or in applications where flow during the cure needs to be restricted. On the other hand, Supreme 10HTCL is a slightly lower viscosity system that offers a good degree of flow properties, which makes it easy to apply using a brush.

An additional option might be Supreme 10HT/S, a silver filled system that offers excellent electrical conductivity. Supreme 10AOHT-LO is also available, and it features exceptional thermally conductivity with excellent electrical insulation properties.

Summary of Products

Product NASA Low Outgassing Viscosity Thermal Conductivity Electrical Conductivity Flexibility
Supreme 10HT Yes High No No Yes
Supreme 10HTND-3 No Non-drip No No Yes
Supreme 10HTCL No Medium No No Yes
Supreme 10HT/S Yes Non-drip Yes Yes Yes
Supreme 10AOHT-LO Yes High Yes No Yes
Supreme 10HTFL No High No No Yes

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