Epoxies for Polyetheretherketone

Bonding Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

PEEK thermoplastic exhibits outstanding chemical and high temperature resistant properties. It is lightweight, rigid, dimensionally stable and has very low moisture absorption. PEEK can withstand exposure to wear, stress cracking, mild acids, bases, steam and hot water. It also offers a low coefficient of friction, high flexural modulus and superb performance in high vacuum environments.   PEEK is available in a variety of grades. This includes unfilled, carbon and glass filled products. It can also be pigmented in a range of colors. PEEK meets many difficult application requirements and is used for:

  • Compressor parts
  • Military equipment
  • Food processing machinery
  • Medical instruments
  • Electrical components
  • Pistons
  • Industrial pumps
  • High temperature bearings
  • Semiconductor machinery

For more information on bonding plastic substrates take a look at our surface preparation guide.

Recommended Compounds Used for Bonding Polyetheretherketone

Popular compounds used for PEEK include EP21LVMed, LED 403Med and EP30DPMed. Room temperature curing low viscosity epoxy EP21LVMed features biocompatibility and superior physical strength properties. It is also resistant to ETO, radiation and many cold sterilants. Fast curing LED403Med requires no mixing and has excellent optical clarity. Dimensionally stable, this product offers superb electrical insulation. Master Bond EP29LPSP is optically clear, cures with the right amount of toughness, while maintaining this toughness at the cryogenic extremes, and meets NASA standards for low outgassing.

Master Bond Popular Products

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