Epoxy and polyurethane adhesives achieve high quality structural bonds in joining composite to metal substrates. Bonded parts save weight, eliminate holes, are electrically insulative, provide improved stiffness and load bearing capability. Glass, aramid and carbon fiber reinforced epoxy, polyester, phenolic and urethane methacrylate composites bond well to metals, metal alloys such as aluminum, magnesium, steel and ultra-high strength steels.

Super High Strength Adhesive Compound

Master Bond EP31 for composite to metal bonding Master Bond EP31 is a two component room temperature curing epoxy for high performance structural bonding applications featuring lap shear strengths exceeding 4600 psi and peel strength exceeding 40 pli. The service temperature range is -60 to +250°F. It combines low shrinkage upon cure along with excellent resistance to many chemicals. EP31 has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including many metals and composites. The optically clear adhesive is a superb electrical insulator.

Toughened, High Strength Epoxy

Master Bond Supreme 10HT for composite to metal bondingSupreme 10HT is a one component system formulated to cure at elevated temperatures. This outstanding epoxy offers tensile shear strengths in excess of 3,600 psi and T-peel strengths up to 30 pli. It is cryogenically serviceable and readily withstands severe thermal cycling along with mechanical shock and vibration. Supreme 10HT has a number of exceptional processing advantages; no mixing is necessary prior to use, the viscosity will not thicken over time, the working life is unlimited at room temperature and it is room temperature storable.

High Strength Adhesive Resists Thermal Cycling

Composite to Metal  Bonding System EP21TDCHTFor superior bonding and sealing with the convenience of fast heat cures, Master Bond’s EP21TDCHT is a flexibilized epoxy adhesive that has been specifically designed to bond substrates with different coefficients of expansion and contraction, including composites and metals. It is simple to use with a one to one mix ratio and is easy to apply. EP21TDCHT offers exceptionally high peel and tensile lap shear strength.

Thermally Conductive, B-Staged Film

FLM36 for composite to metal bonding Master Bond FLM36 features a flexibilized epoxy chemistry that delivers high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and the ability to withstand rigorous thermal cycling. As a film, it is very easy to handle and offers uniform bond line thicknesses and limited squeeze out during bonding.

More About Films and Preform Adhesives

Liquid, paste and film/preform adhesives are durable, have exceptional shear/peel strength, resist creep, fatigue , corrosion and simplify design complexity. Paste compounds offer superior gap filling characteristics and stability. Film/preforms are ready to use, can narrow bond line widths and cure rapidly at elevated temperatures. Accelerated processing speeds shorten assembly times and increase profitability. Proper joint design, adhesive selection/curing and careful surface preparation will ensure consistent performance.


Adhesive Applications for Composite to Metal Bonding

This material combination has resulted in lower CO2 emissions, enhanced fuel efficiency, crash worthiness, acoustics and aesthetics for automotive vehicles. Aerospace, military, marine, wind/energy and infrastructure manufacturing companies have also benefited from adhering composites to metal materials.

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