The graph below shows the lap shear strength of various Master Bond epoxy adhesives for bonding titanium to titanium. The coupons measured 4 x 1 x 1/16 inch. As preparation, their surfaces were roughened and cleaned with acetone. Supreme 10AOHT and Supreme 10HT present outstanding lap shear strength, not only for titanium but for other metals as well.

Lap shear strength test results of Master Bond adhesives for titanium metals

When choosing the proper adhesive, there are many other factors to consider, such as specific processing and operation conditions. For example if thermal conductivity is needed, Supreme 10AOHT may be desirable. If a room temperature cure is needed, EP21LV or Supreme 11HT may be better. For more information on Master Bond high strength epoxy adhesives, please contact our technical advisors.

Disclaimer: The findings in this article are not meant to be used for specification purposes.

High Lap Shear Strength Adhesives for Titanium

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