Liquid shim epoxy compounds are commonly used throughout the aerospace industry.Master Bond liquid shims are epoxy materials designed for composite bonding applications. They eliminate gaps between composite surfaces and offer high compressive strength properties. Their high compressive strength makes them particularly useful for gap elimination in composite bonding applications. Master Bond liquid shims are custom formulated for optimal service in a wide range of environmental conditions, including withstanding exposure to fuel, water ingress, high/low temperatures. They are commonly used in aerospace applications, such as composite rib-to-skin assembly and other load bearing structures.

Toughened, thixotropic paste compounds can be applied vertically and have a long working life. Faster setting systems streamline production. Select grades cure at ambient temperatures or with moderate heat. Custom packaging in dual component cartridges (Semkits®) provides convenient handling and ease of usage, while ensuring consistent mix efficiency.


Key Properties of Liquid Shim Epoxies

Some of the major benefits of Master Bond liquid shim adhesives include:

  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent lap shear strength
  • Low slump
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to shock, vibration and impact
  • Resistance to micro cracking upon high temperature exposure
  • Two component, room temperature curing
  • Can be stored at ambient temperatures

Master Bond Popular Products

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