Hem Flange Adhesives

Master Bond hem flange adhesive systems provide fast cycle times and avoid material squeeze out. These one and two component epoxy compounds are employed in hood, door, decklid and liftgate applications. They offer superior durability, strength, stiffness, crash protection, corrosion resistance and consistent bond line thickness. These solvent free thixotropic formulations are designed to eliminate or reduce the use of spot welds for inner/outer closure panels and have low activation temperatures to prevent panel distortion from metal warpage. They are often pre-gelled using induction heating to provide sufficient handling strength and fully cured in paint ovens. Capable of adhering untreated metals such as galvanized steel, cold rolled steel and bare aluminum surfaces, these products eliminate the need for surface preparation/cleaning. Formulations withstand exposure to heat, humidity, sunlight, salt water, solvents and thermal cycling. Accurate precise dispensing can be achieved with automatic robotic systems at adjustable speeds. Materials are frequently applied in streaming beads or swirl beads.

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