Max gets down to business in his new video series “Tech Talks with Max” that provides more detailed information on adhesives, sealants and coatings. In this episode, he blasts past the stratosphere to deliver the aerospace catalog to the far corners of the universe.


Featured Aerospace Adhesives

Two part, room temperature curable epoxy system with high thermal conductivity. Serviceable from cryogenic temperatures up to +400°F. Electrically isolating. Meets NASA low outgassing specifications. Halogen free.
Supreme 10HTS
Silver filled system with excellent electrical conductivity and high physical strength properties. One part, heat cured (250-300°F) epoxy. Wide range of serviceability from cryogenic temperatures up to +400°F. Meets NASA low outgassing specifications. Can be applied without sagging or dripping, even on vertical surfaces.
Two part epoxy system with ultra low viscosity and remarkable cryogenic properties. Withstands rapid drop in temperature and is NASA low outgassing approved.


From prototype to assembly line, our materials have aided in the success of many companies across the aerospace industry. This 28 page catalog features a variety of products that are widely used for structural bonding, sealing and gap filling. These formulations ensure reliability in the assembly of aircraft structures, components, interiors and MRO applications.



Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Maximus Bond and I represent Master Bond adhesives, in all the cosmos, on earth and outer space.

Many of you already know that Master Bond adhesives, sealants and coatings can be formulated with properties for the aerospace industry--like meeting NASA low outgassing standards and having high and low temperature resistance. You can browse these products in our new catalog of adhesives for the aerospace industry. [Here you go, Bill!]

Whether you are developing the tiniest defense electronic part or a giant space shuttle, or anything in between, our technical reps will help you determine the best bonding, sealing or coating compound for your application. But what we love most is collaborating with you on your product design. Contact us today and see for yourself.