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Developed for a variety of bonding, sealing, potting and encapsulation applications, Master Bond EP3RR-80 is a one component epoxy that offers user friendly handling. It has a moderate viscosity, good flow properties and an unlimited working life at ambient temperatures. Additionally, this system can be stored at 40-50°F and does not require freezing.

Unlike typical one part epoxies, EP3RR-80 will cure in 45-50 minutes at 80°C (175°F), or in 25-30 minutes at 250°F. It features low exotherm while curing enabling it to cure in thicker sections up to and beyond a 1/2 inch deep. This dimensionally stable compound forms high strength bonds to metals, composites, ceramics, glass and many plastics.

EP3RR-80 has superb electrical insulation characteristics and delivers a thermal conductivity of 5-6 BTU·in/(ft²•hr•°F) [0.72-0.87 W/(m•K)] at 75°F. Resistance to water, oils, fuels and many other chemicals is outstanding. Service operating temperature range is -100°F to +350°F.

This compound is widely employed in the electronic, aerospace, specialty OEM and related industries. It is available for use in syringes as well as standard containers ranging from ½ pints to gallons.

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