UV15X-2GT Product Information

UV15X-2GT One Part UV Curable Glob Top

One component UV curable glob top featuring fast cure and easy handling

UV16 Product Information

UV16 One Part UV Curable Compound

One Component, High Strength, UV Curable Epoxy Resin Compound for High Performance Bonding, Coating and Sealing with Unsurpassed Thermal Stability, Low Shrinkage and Optical Clarity; Exceptionally Reactive and Very Fast Curing.

UV22 Product Information

UV22 One Part UV Curable Epoxy

One Component, Nanosilica Filled UV Curable Epoxy System with Superb Optical Clarity, Abrasion Resistance and Dimensional Stability for Bonding, Sealing, Coating and Encapsulation. Exceptionally Low Shrinkage.

UV24TKLO Product Information

UV24TKLO One Part UV Curable System

One Component, Moderate Viscosity, UV-Curable System for Bonding, Sealing and Encapsulation Featuring Superior Chemical Resistance. Meets NASA Low Outgassing Requirements.

X-5HT Product Description

High Performance High Temperature, Structural One-Component Adhesive System For Fast, Durable Bonding and Sealing Up To 500°F Service