MasterSil 920-LO Product Information

MasterSil 920-LO One Part Silicone System

One Component, Room Temperature Curing Silicone Elastomer Adhesive
for High Performance Bonding and Sealing. Fast Curing and Non-Corrosive.
Meets MIL-A-46146.

Supreme 42HT-2ND-2 Product Information

Supreme 42HT-2ND-2 Two Component Epoxy

Toughened, Two Component Epoxy Adhesive/Sealant Featuring High Temperature and Chemical Resistance; Superior Thermal Cycling Capabilities.

EP21TDC-2ND Product Information

EP21TDC-2ND Two Part Epoxy

Two Component Epoxy System with Outstanding Flexibility and Peel Strength for High Performance Bonding, Sealing, Coating and Encapsulation. Serviceable at Cryogenic Temperatures.

EP38FLAO Product Information

EP38FLAO Two Component Epoxy

Two component epoxy for potting, bonding, sealing and coating

EP3SP5FL Product Information

One component “snap cure” epoxy adhesive