EP30LTE-LO Black Product Information

EP30LTE-LO Two Component Epoxy

Two Component, Black Colored, Low Viscosity, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy for High Performance Bonding, Sealing, Coating and Encapsulating Featuring Low Coefficient of Expansion and Passes NASA Outgassing Tests with Low Shrinkage Upon Cure.

Supreme 42HT-2ND Black Product Information

Supreme 42HT-2ND Black Two Part Epoxy

Toughened, Two Component Epoxy Adhesive/Sealant Featuring High Temperature and Chemical Resistance; Superior Thermal Cycling Capabilities.

EP62-1LPSPMed White Product Information

Two Part Epoxy EP62-1LPSPMed White

Two component, high performance epoxy system featuring biocompatibility for bonding, sealing, coating, encapsulating and impregnation

EP29LPSPND-3 Product Information

Two Part Epoxy System EP29LPSPND-3

Two Component, Low Viscosity, Modified Heat Cured Epoxy System for Bonding, Sealing and Coating Formulated for Service at Cryogenic Temperatures and Capable of Withstanding Cryogenic Shock with a paste consistency.

EP51CC Product Information

EP51CC Two Component Epoxy

Two Component Epoxy Adhesive For Fast Curing, High Performance Bonding and Sealing

EP42HT-4AOMed Black Product Information

EP42HT-4AOMed Black Two Component Epoxy

Two Component, Room Temperature Curable Epoxy Adhesive, Sealant, Coating and Encapsulating System Featuring Outstanding Heat, Chemical and Steam Resistance for Medical Device Manufacturing.

EP37-3FLFAOND Product Information

Two Part Epoxy EP37-3FLFAOND

Two component, room temperature curing epoxy for bonding, casting and coating

EP30DP-NV Product Information

EP30DP Two Part Epoxy

Toughened, Two Component, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy System for Bonding, Coating, Sealing and Encapsulation Featuring Abrasion Resistance and Cryogenic Serviceability.

Supreme 10HTN-NV Product Information

Supreme 10HTN One Part Epoxy

One Component, Heat Curing, High Purity Nickel Conductive Epoxy Adhesive/Sealant Featuring Both High Shear and High Peel Strength for Performance up to 400°F

EP30DPBFMed Product Information

EP30DPMed Two Component Epoxy-Urethane Blended System

Meets USP Class VI Specifications for Medical Applications Flexibilized, Two Component , Epoxy-Urethane Blend Used For Bonding, Coating, Sealing and Encapsulation, Featuring Superior Toughness, Repairability, Abrasion Resistance, and Cryogenic Serviceability