Adhesives for Cryogenic Medical Equipment AssemblySpecial one and two component Master Bond adhesive formulations play an essential role in the construction of cryogenic refrigerators, freezers, storage systems for biological samples, respiratory products, pipes, pressure vessels, purifiers, cryosurgical systems, canisters, and accessories. These liquid/paste products comply with stringent manufacturing specifications and have exhibited reliable, efficient, performance for use in healthcare, biotechnology, and research applications.

Minimally invasive cryosurgery employs image-guidance techniques such as magnetic resonance (MR), ultrasound, computed tomography to target and obliterate diseased tissue through intense cold. Liquid nitrogen or high pressure argon gas flows into a cryoprobe which often kills the cells upon contact. Bronchoscopes, laparoscopes, transducers, spray devices in addition to cryoprobes also contain different Master Bond grades for optimization of precise, exact execution of procedures done outside and through the skin surface. Some examples of cryosurgery performed for benign and malignant skin conditions include warts, moles, small skin cancers, solar keratoses, and skin tags.

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Cryosurgery has additionally successfully been used for treating cancers such as prostate tumors, liver tumors, primarily liver cancer that has not spread, retinoblastoma, and low grade cancerous and non cancerous tumors of the bone.

Scientists are presently studying cryosurgery for breast, colon, and kidney cancer. It is important to note that minimal invasive cryosurgery procedures are often preferred, because it minimizes pain, scarring, bleeding, and shortens hospital stays. Freezing the cells beyond a certain level will tear the cells apart without effecting nearby healthy tissue. Other cryogenic applications include vaccine transport, therapeutics, or diagnostics that may be used in developing medical counter measures for pandemics such as COVID-19.

Master Bond has developed a comprehensive line of unique cryogenic adhesive systems that feature unique capabilities. Most noteworthy for medical and laboratories are specialty products that are intended for adhering dissimilar substrates, possess NASA low outgassing certification, are electrically conductive, heat dissipative, fast curing, optically clear, chemical resistant, have low coefficient of thermal expansion, high durability or exceptional strength characteristics. Customized products have enabled solutions for challenging needs.

Products Service Temperature Range Key Feature
EP62-1LPSPMed 4K to 400°F Ultra low viscosity
EP30DPBFMed 4K to 250°F Flexible at room temperature
EP29LPSP 4K to 275°F Low stress under cryogenic conditions
EP21TDCSMed 4K to 250°F Excellent electrical conductivity
EP42HT-4AOMED Black 4K to 400°F Thermally conductive, and electrically insulative

Adhesives for Assembling Cryogenic Laboratory and Medical Equipment