Epoxy compounds for sensor applicationsThe use of sensor technology has exploded in the chemical, automotive, electronic and optical industries. Master Bond’s line of one and two component epoxies, silicones, UV-curables and latex systems provide superior protection against harsh environmental conditions such as moisture, abrasion, elevated temperatures, shock, vibration and corrosion. Our custom-formulated products can be specially formulated to meet your specific application needs such as dimensional stability, non-yellowing properties, optical clarity, cryogenic serviceability and much more. Master Bond epoxies are available in flexible or rigid formulations and offer the very best in chemical resistance.

Master Bond products are great for use in sensors that detect heat, force, density, pressure, light flow, fluid velocity, sound, vibration, distance, speed, angles, etc. Specific examples for various industries are as follows:


  • Engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Radar gun
  • Tire pressure monitoring sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Brake sensor
  • Rain sensor


  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Electrochemical gas sensor
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Smoke detector
  • Potentiometric sensor
  • Ozone monitor


  • Metal detector
  • Air speed indicator
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • Voltage tester
  • Current sensor

Medical & Healthcare

  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Pulse oximeter sensor
  • EGG sensor
  • Blood glucose sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Imaging sensor


  • Electro-optical sensor
  • Infra-red sensor
  • Fiber optic sensor
  • CMOS sensor
  • Photodiode
  • Wavefront sensor

Additional end use markets include security, aerospace, power generation, process control and leisure/entertainment.

Master Bond has contributed to the development of sensors offering improved accuracy/reliability, reduced size, weight, power consumption, more functionality for wireless networks at lower costs. Many significant technical barriers have been overcome assuring operation under challenging conditions. This has enabled miniaturized sensors to meet demanding standards and utilization in growing market segments including smart metering, biometrics, fungal detection, pest infestation, marine spill response and corrosion monitoring.

From die attach adhesives to conformal coatings to thermal interface materials to underfills to scratch resistant hard coats Master Bond has a portfolio of job proven products for sensor manufacturing companies. Durable, dependable, high strength systems lead the way in imparting long lasting efficient performance. These compounds can be accurately dispensed uniformly and simplify high volume production. Select flowable/nonflowable systems are electrically conductive, flame resistant, low stress, cure rapidly at room/low temperatures and resist immersion in a diverse range of solvents, acids, fuels, oils, cleaning agents. Recently introduced nanofilled compositions feature enhanced capabilities.

Master Bond provides cutting edge formulations for both contact and noncontact temperature sensors. From thermocouples to thermisters to resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) to infrared sensors, our adhesive compounds are vital for measuring heat/coldness of objects/systems, monitoring any variations and managing the effects of any changes that may occur. Different types of temperature sensors have proven advantageous increasing output, production speed, enhancing quality, and improving safety. They have been successfully placed in hazardous and inaccessible locations. Master Bond has sided with manufacturers in customizing temperature sensors to meet unusual application requirements. These systems are presently employed in fluid pumping equipment, heat exchangers, motors, food processing machinery, under the hood of automobiles, medical devices and ovens.

Adhesives for Sensor Applications