Adhesives for NVH Reduction

Automotive manufacturers need to maximize driver and passenger comfort by offering smoother, quieter rides, thereby making noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) management a critically important issue.

Master Bond formulates one and two component epoxy, silicone and urethane modified epoxy systems that provide solutions for effective noise and vibration control. These products feature easy application, convenient cure schedules, high bond strength and superior chemical resistant properties. Master Bond products contribute to the elimination of squeaks, rattles, grunts, groans, buzzing that result from wind and road surfaces, engines, HVAC units, alternators, brakes, power steering, door opening/slamming, window lift motors. Tough, durable systems help alleviate shakes, shudders and jerking including seat/steering wheel vibrations.

Additionally, adhesives for automotive assembly can be formulated to:

  • Withstand high/low temperatures
  • Resist scratches
  • Cure rapidly
  • Bond surfaces with different coefficients of expansion and contraction

These polymer materials also guard against water leakage and airflow/heat intrusion.

Master Bond adhesive/sealants optimize design flexibility and help meet customer expectations for high reliability/quality vehicles. A smoother, quieter ride is among the key considerations for new car shoppers. Value added performance from acoustic insulation and shock absorption ensure customer loyalty/future sales. Cost conscious auto manufacturers will also reduce warranty expenses.

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