Epoxy Casting Resins for Cold Specimen Mounting

Master Bond epoxies are available for use in thin flowable viscosities and can be easily dispensed into disposable molding cups. Properly cured specimen mounts are prepared for grinding and polishing. Fragile, brittle, porous, cracked materials can be embedded by vacuum impregnation.

Optical and electron microscopes are used to examine the microstructures of metal, ceramic and mineral specimens. For easy, convenient handling of different sized and shaped particles and edge retention Master Bond offers two component epoxy resin systems. These compounds cure at room temperature or slightly elevated temperatures. This is advantageous for specimens sensitive to heat exposure.

Benefits of Using Epoxies in Materialographic Applications

  • Superior adhesion
  • Low exotherm
  • Chemical resistance
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance and hardness
  • Excellent light transmission properties
  • Low shrinkage
  • Low outgassing

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