Adhesives for Automotive Powertrain Components

More complex designs have resulted in improved powertrain performance including fuel efficiency and reliability. To meet manufacturing requirements, epoxy, silicone and UV/visible light curing formulations have been developed that offer enhanced capabilities and speed productivity. Significant progress in gasketing, impregnation, bonding and potting has been achieved for automotive assembly applications.

Products include single component, no mix heat curable epoxies for porosity sealing of powertrain components. These impregnation compounds provide fast, moderate temperature processing, prevent corrosion, reduce costs and offer exceptional long lasting sealing ability in harsh environments. Thin walled die castings meet stringent quality specifications and are employed in high pressure fluid retaining designs. Use of these systems has resulted in reduced product rejection rates, inspection costs and contributed to lower fuel consumption by incorporating lighter weight parts.

One and two component potting compounds are available for applications in ignition coils, electronic control units, transmission controllers, sensors/connectors. They protect engine components against harsh environmental exposure. Special grades are thermally conductive and have superior heat dissipation properties. Additionally UV cure systems cure rapidly, require no mixing, have “unlimited” working life and have gained popularity because of the need for increased productivity.

Liquid Gasketing Replaces Molded, Die Cut Gaskets in Automotive Powertrain Applications

Master Bond formed-in-place and cured-in-place liquid silicone gasketing compounds cost effectively protect and seal powertrain components. They prevent leakage from crankcase/gear oils, coolants and transmission fluids. Gasketing materials also guard against exposure to extreme temperature, moisture, UV light, dust, dirt and road salts.

These single and two part systems can be robotically dispensed and are used by automotive OEM's, tier one/tier two suppliers for high volume production operations. They feature superior flexibility/elongation, absorb shock/vibration, adhere well to metal/engineered plastics and have rapid cure cycles. Precise, consistent automated dispensing increases productivity/part quality, decreases material consumption and eliminates the need for manual labor-intensive manufacturing activities.

Self leveling systems fill small voids and channels. Paste viscosity materials stay in place and maintain their position/size until parts assembly. Solvent free, non-corrosive formulations are engineered to offer excellent compression set performance and exhibit extended service life.

Common Powertrain Applications for Master Bond Liquid Gasketing Materials

  • axle covers
  • bearing ladders
  • engine rear seal retainer
  • engine front cover
  • oil pans and slide covers
  • gear box casing
  • transmission housings
  • thermostat housings
  • electric steering units
  • rocker arm cover
  • water pumps
  • radiators
  • intake manifolds

Benefits of Liquid Silicone Gasketing

  • Resists mechanical stresses
  • Retains flexibility after aging
  • Withstands pressure fluctuations
  • Reworkable-easy reassembly
  • Maximizes bond strength
  • Reuces shimmering
  • Electrical insulation properties
  • Increases processing speed through automation
  • Lowers costs
  • Exceptional reliability and thermal stability

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