UV curable coatings systems feature optical clarity

Master Bond high performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and potting compounds offer cost effective solutions for the assembly of lamps/signals in automotive lighting systems. These adhesive bonded devices are designed to enhance driver safety, comfort, visibility, lower energy consumption/weight, improve styling and meet interior/exterior vehicle lighting requirements. Available in a range of viscosities, these compounds can be easily dispensed automatically, contain no solvents, are ROHS compliant and speed productivity/lower labor costs.

Vehicle Lighting System Applications for Master Bond Adhesives/Sealants

From daytime running lights to high beams to indicator/positional lighting Master Bond UV/visible light curing and silicone adhesives are the formulations of choice for leading vehicle lighting manufacturing companies. They provide reliable, dependable, job-proven results for the assembly of:

  • Headlamps
  • Flashers
  • Brake lights
  • Fog lamps
  • Dashboard lights
  • Trunk lights
  • Dome lights

Advantages of UV/Visible Light Cure Adhesives for Manufacturing Vehicle Lighting Systems

One component, no mix UV?visible light curing adhesives/sealants bond well to metals, glass, plastics including polycarbonate, acrylics. They eliminate waste, shorten production cycle times, and have low capital equipment costs. Frequently used for bonding lenses to plastic housings, connector potting and LED sealing applications, these materials have superior optical clarity. They cure in seconds and are:

  • Low outgassing
  • Non yellowing
  • Withstand abrasion
  • Gap filling
  • Weather resistant
  • Save floor space

One and Two Component Silicones Engineered for Assembly of Automotive Lighting Components

Products exhibit flexibility, durability and excellent thermal stability. They will not crack at low temperatures or soften at elevated temperatures. They also provide excellent noise and vibration damping characteristics, resist salt spray, UV light exposure. Fast setting formulations can be automatically dispensed onto complex shapes/configurations and expedite leak free testing. Sensitive electronic components are protected at low cost in interior/exterior automotive designs. Thermal interface materials offer superior thermal dissipation properties.

Automotive lighting technology is fast evolving. Master Bond is developing new adhesives/sealants to keep pace with futuristic requirements. This includes adaptive headlamp systems capable of monitoring car speed, weather conditions, tilt rate and headlight intensity. Laser, OLED, LED, LED adaptive technologies and night vision systems offer much potential. Long lasting, non-fogging, glare free adhesive assembled automotive lighting will use less energy and enable drivers to better detect upcoming cars/pedestrians to avoid collisions. They also play an essential role in improved styling, brand differentiation and optimization of sales potential for increased profitability.

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