Adhesives for Lightweight Bonding Applications

Innovative designs using advanced multi-mix material combinations are replacing traditional steel, cast iron substrates to meet federal CAFE guidelines and satisfy formidable environmental objectives. Master Bond is at the forefront of developing structural epoxy adhesive solutions for vehicle lightweighting. These compounds enable automotive manufacturers and suppliers to improve stiffness, safety, driving comfort while boosting fuel efficiency/battery power capability. Novel, recyclable, lightweight substrates including glass, engineered plastics, composites, metals such as magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys, high strength steel are joined together to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Advanced formulations provide sound damping, enhanced aesthetics, resist moisture, chemicals and are available for use in a wide range of viscosities. They also protect against high/low temperatures, corrosion, impact and vibration. Ecologically friendly, solvent-free one and two component systems simplify production operations. They can be precisely dispensed automatically, reduce waste, cut labor costs and speed assembly.

Design engineers are taking a systematic approach to the use of new materials and their impact on adjacent parts. Adoption of new production processes and techniques has placed an increased emphasis on adhesive joining technology to adhere new material combinations. Rivets, spot welding and brazing are being replaced as vehicle lightweighting has gained momentum. This has resulted in metal down-gauging, improved joint durability, reduction in number of parts, better crash performance and extended vehicle driving range. The growing market for weight saving fuel efficient vehicles plays an important role in auto manufacturers/suppliers achieving sustainability goals and combating global warming.

Weight Reduction and Lower CO2 Emissions with Master Bond Adhesives

From powertrains to chassis to exterior/interior parts/components Master Bond cutting edge adhesives are leading the way in lightweighting applications. They offer high performance, reliable solutions to meet the long term demands of the automotive industry. Specific uses include:

  • Seat frames
  • Dashboards
  • Climate control units
  • Front end carriers
  • Trunk lids
  • Wheel rims
  • Roof-panel frames
  • Steering wheels

Key considerations for proper adhesive selection and joint configurations, rheology, cure characteristics, cycle time, pretreatment of surfaces, pressure exposure, weather stability and coefficients of expansion/contraction for surfaces being mated.

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