Master Bond Supreme 70CN is a two part epoxy adhesive formulated using a natural, renewable and sustainable ingredient.
This moderate viscosity unfilled epoxy is black in color and can be utilized for bonding, sealing, coating and potting.
As a toughened system, it resists thermal cycling and is ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates.

Master Bond EP77M-FMed is a two part epoxy adhesive and sealant designed for use in the assembly of medical devices.
It meets the ISO 10993-5 requirements and is not considered to have a cytotoxic effect.
“This product has been formulated to provide excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties, while keeping in mind processing constraints

Master Bond EP51CC is a two component, fast setting epoxy with a color coding system where Part A is white and Part B is black.
The two parts combine into a uniform gray color paste, which indicates proper mixing.
This fast curing, non-drip compound is ideal for bonding and sealing applications with a forgiving mix ratio of one to one by weight or volume.

Master Bond EP21NS is a two part epoxy that may be used for bonding, coating, sealing and potting/encapsulating. It has a nanosilica filler that imparts dimensional stability and abrasion resistance.
When measured according to ASTM D4060, standard test method for abrasion resistance, with CS-17 wheel for 1,000 cycles, EP21NS exhibits a very low weight loss of 25 mg.

Master Bond UV15X-6Med-2LV is a UV curable, non-cytotoxic adhesive that features optical clarity and abrasion resistance.
Not only can it be utilized for bonding, but it can also be employed for sealing, coating, and encapsulating purposes.

Master Bond EP4EN-80 is a NASA low outgassing approved epoxy, which can cure at temperatures as low as 80°C, unlike conventional one component heat curing systems.
It features a quick cure profile at 65°C for 90 minutes plus 30 minutes at 80-85°C. The epoxy system requires no mixing prior to use, has a very low viscosity of 600-1,800 cps and contains no solvents.