Master Bond MasterSil 151S is an addition curing two part silicone system that may be used as an adhesive, sealant, coating or form-in-place gasketing material.
A unique feature of this product is that despite its silicone chemistry, it passes NASA low outgassing specifications.

Master Bond EP21ARLV is a two part epoxy that may be used as an adhesive, sealant, coating or encapsulant.
The product is capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to a wide range of chemicals, such as 70% sulfuric acid, 10% hydrochloric acid, 10% nitric acid and butyl acetate to name a few.

Master Bond EP29LPAOHT is a two component, NASA low outgassing approved epoxy system featuring a long working life of 8-10 hours per 1,000 gram batch.
Due to its low exotherm and flowable consistency, this product is suitable for specialty potting applications where large masses of the epoxy need to be cured.

Master Bond EP42HT-4AOMed Black is a new two part epoxy created for medical device manufacturing.
It is biocompatible and non-cytotoxic, passing both USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 certifications.
This epoxy withstands aggressive chemical sterilants, radiation and repeated cycles of autoclaving.

Master Bond EP36FR is a specialized one part epoxy that meets Airbus specifications for toxic gas emissions per AITM 3.0005, Issue 2 in the flaming mode
and Section 7.4 of ABD0031, Issue F. It also passes the 12 second vertical burn test per AITM 2.0002B and Section 7.1.2 of ABD0031, Issue F.

EP42-2LV Black is a two part epoxy with low viscosity and good flow. It withstands prolonged immersion in many acids, bases, solvents, fuels and oils.
This versatile system can be used for bonding, sealing, coating and casting, where a strong chemical resistance profile is required.