Master Bond Case Study

The Application

A customer is working on a bonding application involving small quartz elements wherein a fast set up and cure is critical. The other parameter is that the cured adhesive needs to be optically clear.

Finding the Answers

  • What are the configurations of the parts? What are the bonding areas?
  • Would the bonding areas have 100% accessibility to UV (~ 365 nm) or LED (~ 405 nm) light for curing?
  • What are the operating temperatures?
  • Would the adhesive be in the optical path? If so, would there be specific transmission and refractive index needs that have to be met?
  • What are the requirements for the pot life and the cure time?

The Solution

We recommended EP30-4, UV24TKLO and LED401LV.

Based on the answers to the above questions and making certain assumptions, we recommended a few options to consider. They were: EP30-4, UV24TKLO and LED401LV.

EP30-4 is an optically clear, low viscosity, two component room temperature curing epoxy system. It sets up and cures quickly at room temperature.

UV24TKLO and LED401LV are optically clear, moderate viscosity systems. The assumption made here would be that the application areas are accessible to UV (~ 365 nm) and LED (~ 405 nm) light respectively. Also, UV24TKLO meets NASA low outgassing standards.

Additional options:

In certain applications where the optical clarity of the product is not critical, some other products which can be used are two part epoxy systems EP65HT-1 and EP51M; one component EP17HT-3 and one part silicone system MasterSil 711.

Summary of Products

Product Viscosity NASA Low Outgassing Approved Optically Clear Cure Mechanisms Typical Set Up Times
EP65HT-1 Moderate Yes No Room temp Minutes
EP30-4 Low No Yes Room temp Minutes
UV24TKLO Moderate Yes Yes UV light (~365 nm) Seconds
LED401LV Moderate No Yes LED light (~405 nm) Seconds
MasterSil 711 Moderate No No Room temp (moisture cure) Minutes
EP51M Moderate No No Room temp Minutes
EP17HT-3 Moderate No No Heat cure Seconds

Meet Our Tech Expert: Michael Wollman

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