Electrically Conductive Gasketing Compounds

Elastomeric Master Bond form-in-place gasketing materials feature low volume resisitivity, superior mechanical properties and resist aging degradation from high temperatures, humidity, fluids, dust and pressure. These formulations contain a wide range of special fillers such as silver, nickel, graphite, silver coated nickel particles to optimize EMI shielding effectiveness.

Moisture and thermal cure products exhibit high bond strength to plated metals, injection molded plastics and vacuum metalized surfaces. Resilient, non-corrosive, high tear strength compositions offer excellent compression set performance. Low modulus products absorb CTE mismatches. Conductive gasketing is designed to lower labor expenses, reduce raw material costs and shorten production cycle times. Applications range from automotive control systems to military electronics to medical electronic devices.

Master Bond’s Most Popular Electrically Conductive Form-in-Place Adhesives

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